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Mobile Fun Casino Backjack Rouette Table Hire Somerset UK

What determines your wedding venue?

For what must be the most important day of your life, it’s not surprising that most, if not every bride is looking for the very best that she can get with her budget. Not just the venue – although that’s surely top of the list, but everything to do with it – it’s location, it’s size, its character, it’s staff, its reputation – the list goes on and on.

Here at Aces Fun Casinos we are very used to talking through the part of the day we’ll be helping to entertain the guests. The last thing we want to do is add stress to an already stressful situation therefore we are careful to hear what our brides are saying – how they ‘see’ the casino. We’ll create their own unique fun money, their photo, names and wedding date printed on a note for each guest.

We will arrive at least an hour before we are due to open – even earlier if necessary. We’ll make sure the casino is up and ready to open at whatever time our couple decide. We will hand out the fun money, open the casino and at the end we’ll even provide a nice bottle of bubbly for the highest roller before discreetly dismantling and removing our kit.

Sometimes we are asked the dimensions of our tables – one of our brides to be recently requested we visit her proposed venue before she made up her mind. Now usually, in my experience, people planning their weddings will have exacting criteria – some of which are mentioned above but this lovely lady – or her partner to be more precise, was basing his decision on whether there would be enough room to fit three of our casino tables in! It was and what a great rehearsal it became for their honeymoon in – guess where? Las Vegas – where else!

Having helped entertain the guests at hundreds of weddings in the last sixteen years or so, we know a good venue when we see one and are happy to recommend the ones we think would suit best. As for the entertainment – there is no better ice-breaker at any party – especially a wedding, than an Aces mobile fun casino. 

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Gloucester Fun Casino Hire Mobile Roulette and Blackjack Tables

Hire A Fun Casino in Gloucester

Send a message via our contact form or call FREE on 0800 107 7001 to chat about your party ideas and for FREE advice! When you are thinking about hiring a fun casino for your event, how do you go about deciding which are the best games to choose? 

A lot of people have never been inside a ‘real’ casino let alone played the games. Scary stuff, especially when you’re having to learn the hard way – by risking your hard earned money!

Gloucester Fun Casino Hire Mobile Roulette Blackjack Poker Tables - 1

Mobile Casino Games Hire – Twentyone or Thirtysix?

I am often asked what games to choose. When it comes to casino games there are many. Of the most popular games however, there is no question that topping the list are blackjack (otherwise known as ‘21’) and roulette (hence the 36 number in my snappy heading – although strictly speaking there are 37 numbers as we must not forget zero).

Blackjack, Roulette Table Hire - or both?

The problem then arises if only one game is sought – and then, in all my years of running fun casino events, I simply can’t make the call because one night it will be blackjack, maybe the next, roulette or no discernible difference. 

There sometimes seems to be a gender factor, with the ladies preferring roulette whilst the gents feel they have more control over the card game but again I’ve seen that turned on its head many times too. Both games are what’s called ‘games of chance’ so it’s about luck and not skill but there is a little leeway on the blackjack table as players can choose whether to take a card or not. 

With roulette, is there a skill involved, is there a system? Well, if I knew of one I dare say I’d be retired and living in the Bahamas by now. So – what’s the answer? If you are trying to decide, perhaps the very best way is trust to luck and your own preference – which do you think would suit your party best? And if you can revise your budget then the very best move would be to book both games. That way your casino will look more authentic and your guests will love you for giving them a choice.
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Gloucester Towns and Villages - Areas we cover

Calcot Hinton Gloucester
Chalford Horsley Selsey
Charlton Kings Huntley Sheepscombe
Chedworth Ilmington Shurdington
Chelmsford Kilkeney Siddington
Cheltenham Kingscote Slad
Chipping Campden Kingswood Slimbridge
Chipping Sodbury Lechlade South Cerney
Churcham Little Washbourne Southrop
Churchdown Longford St Briavels
Cinderford Longhope Staverton
Cirencester Lower Apperley Stonehouse
Clearwell Lower Lydbrook Stow On The Wold
Cleeve Hill Lower Oddington Stroud
Coalpit Heath Lower Slaughter Tetbury
Coalway Lydbrook Tewkesbury
Cold Aston Lydney Thornbury
Coleford Mangotsfield Tirley
Colesbourne Marshfield Twyning
Coln St Aldwyns May Hill Upper Oddington
Compton Abdale Meysey Hampton Upper Rissington
Corse Lawn Mickleton Upper Slaughter
Cowley Minchinhampton Westbury On Severn
Cranham Miserden Westonbirt
Deerhurst Mitcheldean Whitminster
Drybrook Moreton In Marsh Wick
Duntisbourne Abbotts Nailsworth Winchcombe
Dursley Naunton Withington
Ebley Newent Woodchester
Edge Newland Wotton Under Edge
Eldersfield Newnham Yate
Erbington Newnham On Severn Oldbury On Severn
Ewen North Cerney Olveston
Fairford Northleach Painswick
Falfield Nympsfield Parkend
Ford Nymspfield Frampton Mansell
Fossebridge Oakridge Frampton On Severn
Fosseway Old Sodbury Frocester

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Tips To Research When Booking A Fun Casino

Read how to research a great Fun Casino company

Before booking a fun casino night, we'd like you to consider exactly what you are paying for, and how much experience is required to deliver the best entertainment.

For many years, professional fun casino operators have become increasingly frustrated at the number of amateur attempts to reproduce their service. 

In a free market of course there are no limitations, sadly and the number of what can only be called ‘Mickey Mouse operations’ are increasing. With little or no knowledge of the games or equipment or how a fun casino should be run, the people that suffer are the trusting public - i.e. YOU.

In 2015, a number of like minded individuals, all with a solid background in casino dealing and management, all with their own fun casino companies based around the UK, got together and formed the Professional Fun Casino Association (PFCA). 

In order to join this group they debated and agreed upon a list of exacting criteria for members. These include, of course a previous career history in casino gaming; an established fun casino portfolio, photographic evidence of good quality equipment and accessories, a professional website and a Public Liability Insurance. 

High Expectations Demand Solid Experience

For those who are interested in booking a fun casino for their wedding, birthday, corporate event fund raiser or any special occasion, expectations will be very high. 

The more important the occasion, the higher the expectations – and on the flip side of that coin of course, the greater the disappointment if things don’t turn out right. 

Crazy Differences in Casino Equipment Quality

Over the years have witnessed a casino that included a 6" toy wheel rather than the professional, full, or even ¾ sized beautifully crafted roulette wheel (difference also in price - £20 compared to minimum £750.00). 

The actual cloths that the games are played on, called ‘lay-outs’ can be bought on Ebay made from felt for around a £5. Professional lay-outs can cost anything from around £90.00 to £180.00 or more for a good quality roulette lay-out. 

Some operators use plastic chips, bought from Argos or similar – fine for a family game but nowhere near the quality and ‘feel’ of a good, 11gm poker chip or the beautifully crafted roulette colour chips costing around 33p each. 

Casting an Experienced Eye - Spotting a Professional Croupier

Another point to consider – and this again is a difficult one for the layman. If you say you can speak Chinese you might fool me into believing it with a sentence full of gibberish – because I don’t! Not so if you say you’ve worked in a casino in any capacity on the gaming floor. Here and there I have come across individuals that have tried that – but it’s easy for me to spot a chancer with a lifetime in the business. 

I have actually argued that I can tell if someone is a dealer (croupier) by the way they stand at a roulette table – without them touching a chip or spinning the wheel. 

Once or twice I have surfed the net, looking at the websites of fun casino companies, undecided as whether to laugh or cry at the glaring mistakes they make in their text and photos that shout amateur

Professionally trained casino staff with their knowledge and skill will help players make the most of their night, will explain the games, teach strategies and, because of their genuine love of the games, have FUN with the players. That is, after all, what a fun casino is about. 

The Professional Fun Casino Association UK

The PFCA offer reliability as well as a fully professional service. We welcome reviews and are happy to refer enquiries to the nearest member – thereby avoiding costly ‘add-ons’ for transport. 

Many a fun casino website coins the phrase ‘Don’t gamble with your event, choose us’. Whether you choose a PFCA member or go elsewhere, I hope that the points I have made above will help you in making the right choice for your fun casino entertainment. 

June Howley, 
BSc. Hons, MD Aces Fun Casinos

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

A spin of the wheel.. . the turn of a card

Aces is owned by June Howley and is ran by her and her partner Simon. Having previously worked all over the world in the gaming industry, June brings a wealth of experience to her business. Established in 2000, Aces has brought first class entertainment to hundreds of events.

As a member of the Professional Fun Casinos Association, June is passionate about quality of service and is proud of her achievements to date.

If you are planning any event, we will make your corporate, private or charity night a huge success. 

Call 0800 107 7001 or send a message via the Contact Form.

A spin of the wheel.. . the turn of a card . . nothing quite compares to the excitement of playing casino games like blackjack, poker or roulette. Now you can bring that same level of excitement to your next home party or company event, birthday or special occasion.

Our custom made gaming tables can be set up at parties of your own choosing, such as, in the home, company office, restaurant or hotel. We offer experienced, friendly croupiers who come to your event and will help show guests how to play.

Using fun money they can exchange for casino chips they will experience all the fun and excitement with none of the risk.

Wedding and Birthday Entertainment Specialists

 Let us use our experience in the gaming industry and our 14 years of fun casino experience to ensure your event is exactly to your specifications. Experience, reliability and professionalism are guaranteed. Send a message via the Contact Form

Aces Fun Casinos has been in business since 2000 and we have helped organise thousands of events. providing professional, friendly staff and authentic equipment.